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In Printing – Advertising field, Vietsun delivers the following products and services :

  1. Forming, Designing, Printing Packages
  2. Designing and Printing Advertising Material
  3. Designing and Printing Calendar

Vietsun has a desire to contribute our professional capabilities to help your company in building up and developing Brands, fostering and maximizing turnover. It is the mission that we always do our best to complete. Your development in business is also Vietsun’s great success.

To accomplish that target, We always seriously complies with our “golden criteria” for all providing products which we are designed and produced. Those are:

  • Message the styles of brand or product to consumers efficiently.
  • Highlight the value of product and make it distinguishable between competitor’s ones.
  • Be suitable for environment of culture, economy and society of the aimed market segmentation.
  • Highly artistic and unique. Recognizable and well impressive to consumers.
  • High and stable quality, easy to use.

With high qualified, enthusiastic, dynamic, creative and professional experts and staffs. With the high-tech equipments. We are strongly confident to satisfy buyer’s inquiries and make them happy through the products and services provided by Vietsun.